Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and spear fishing — there is more than one way to explore the beautiful archipelago of South Funen. Local water-adventure company Nicus Nature offers a broad range of courses, as well as equipment rental.

Few areas of Denmark are more beautiful than the archipelago of South Funen and, if you ask kayak enthusiast and founder of Nicus Nature, Nicolai Ilcus, there is no better way to explore it than by gliding from island to island in a kayak. “There’s something about being on the water, the peace and the meditative rhythm, that does something special to you. And exercise-wise, it’s not necessarily a high-intensity sport, so everyone can take part on some level.” Ilcus adds: “That’s the good thing about kayaking — you can take it nice and easy, bring a thermos and chill with a cup of coffee and your feet in the water, or you can give it full power through the waves of the west coast.”

Nicus Nature | Paddle through the summer | Scan Magazine

Left: As a keen water sports enthusiast, Dane Nicolai Ilcus loves to share his passion for kayaking, SUP and spear fishing.

Having been a keen water sports enthusiast for decades, Ilcus has explored many parts of the world in a kayak. In the late 1990s, his sport took him to Canada, where he studied to become an adventure travel guide. Upon his return to Denmark in 2000, he set up Nicus Nature, offering kayaking courses and rental on Tåsinge, a small island in the archipelago of South Funen. “The calm shallow water here is perfect for kayaking,” he says. “You don’t have to do a course to rent our equipment, but can go straight out within a set area along the coastline. But, if you do a course, it’ll allow you to go further on your own — there are lots of shelters, camp sites and B&Bs on the islands of the archipelago, and taking a couple of days to kayak from island to island is an extraordinary experience.”

Today, Nicus Nature also offers courses in stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and spear fishing, as well as physical and online shops which sell equipment for all activities mentioned.

Nicus Nature | Paddle through the summer | Scan Magazine

Nicus Nature is located in Vindbyøre, on Tåsinge — a small island connected to the town of Svendborg by bridge. The company offers courses and classes in kayaking, SUP and spear fishing for both individuals and groups.


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