Swedish adventures with a wildlife guarantee


In the heart of the Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve in Sweden, Nordic Discovery offers out-of-the-ordinary wilderness adventures, with moose and beaver safaris the most popular attractions. Adventure coordinator and founder Mikael Nilsson has over 16 years of wildlife tracking experience and a passion for showing people all over the world what Swedish nature has to offer.

The Nordic Discovery adventure centre invites visitors to explore one of Sweden’s most southern wilderness areas. “You would normally see lined-up vacation houses this far south, but nothing has been built in this nature reserve since 1950 and it is a true wildlife haven,” Nilsson explains. Nordic Discovery offers unforgettable wildlife experiences, such as moose and beaver safaris. “I’ve done this for many years, and we’ve always spotted moose on the safaris, hence why we have the only safari in Sweden that offers a 100 per cent moose guarantee,” Nilsson notes. “People come here for genuine, yet accessible wildlife experiences.” The adventure centre is less than a two and a half hour drive from any of Stockholm’s international airports. “It’s a pleasure greeting so many international travellers in the middle of the Swedish woods,” Nilsson says with a smile. Other popular activities at the adventure centre are kayaking tours and nightly canoeing tours, where adventurous participants can hear wolves howl from the depths of the forest. “Out here, the animals have a space of their own,” Nilsson says, “and we can learn about and appreciate them without disturbing their way of living.”

Web: www.nordicdiscovery.se
Facebook: nordicdiscovery

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