Norway can be at its most beautiful when the daylight turns blue, the days get colder and the landscape is covered in frost and snow.

During winter, daylight rarely stays for more than a few hours – and in the northern part of the country, the sun does not rise at all for weeks. However, the Norwegians do not hide indoors even if heading out requires warm clothing and extra lights. We love outdoor activities, and for our visiting guests there is a wide range of fun activities and interesting events to attend. We would love for you to join us!

If you ask me or any of my Visitnorway colleagues – or any Norwegian for that matter – most will likely recommend that you experience the Norwegian winter by skiing, either Alpine or cross-country in the mountains. And definitely chase and experience the northern lights in northern Norway.

Maybe you would enjoy moving silently and at a high speed through a snow-clad forest, comfortably warm in a dog sled? Or go ice fishing? Skiing? And when you feel like warming up, Norway offers a variety of cultural experiences, such as concerts, museums, galleries and good restaurants serving delicious, local food. There is definitely enough around to keep you busy for days, weekends and weeks.

So why not let the northern lights guide you to the winter wonderland of Norway? Direct flights to many Norwegian cities from the UK give you the opportunity to visit Norway for a weekend – or for longer. And before you travel, make sure to check out for suggestions on accommodation, travel itineraries, activities and restaurants.

We look forward to giving you a warm welcome this winter! Bring your winter hat and we will happily provide the activities.

Per-Arne Tuftin

Director of Tourism,

Peter Tuftin | Welcome to an active holiday in Norway | Scan Magazine

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