Ping Pong is a leading platform for lifelong learning. By offering a meeting place for learning and skills development, it helps organisations put learning and personal development at the forefront – so they can become better, more competitive and ultimately, more successful.

For more than 20 years, Stockholm-based Ping Pong has delivered digital solutions for accessible and active lifelong learning. ”Learning is our driving force and we take it seriously,” says Mats Nilsson, sales and marketing director. “It’s popular these days with gamified, digital solutions to bring out the fun in learning, but we also want to make sure that learning is done in the best way and has the desired impact.”

Ping Pong ensures that learning reaches the right audience and is understood, and conducts follow-ups with organisations and participants. According to the 40-20-40 model, developed by American professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff, learning should not be seen as just the training event itself, which amounts to only 20 percent of learning, but also what comes before and after. “To get the full impact of learning, we pay attention to those 40 percent before and 40 percent after the actual training,” says Nilsson.

Whilst clients provide the content itself, Ping Pong’s skilled team stands for the framework for learning. “By creating customised meeting places for exchanging knowledge and experience, continuous development and learning is encouraged in employees, which makes them more curious and motivated – and in the long run gives a more successful organisation.”

Ping Pong’s clients are mostly from the public sector. With around 2.4 million accounts in Sweden and approximately 300,000 monthly users, the team is constantly developing the digital tools and tries to always be at the forefront. “It’s crucial to be aware of the development in the outside world, and to meet the needs of new needs that appear.”

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