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Watch the sun rise, the deer peek shyly through the trees, and the fish jump in the sea. After almost three decades of dedicated efforts, Funen has become one of the world’s best destinations for sea trout fishing.


There are many reasons to choose Funen as a holiday destination; for anglers, however, tens of thousands of particularly good reasons are happily swimming around in the sea. After dedicated ecological efforts, the waters of the Danish island’s beautiful shoreline are teeming with sea trout. But it is not just the abundance of fish that makes it a top destination for anglers, it is also the accessibility, beauty and variety of the island’s coastline. “We have visitors from all over the world: Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and even the US,” says Martin Porsborg Hemrich of Sea Trout Fyn. “When people choose Funen over destinations like Norway, I think it’s a lot to do with the accessibility of our coastline; compared to the cliffs of Norway, for instance, it’s a very safe and pleasant environment.”

Sea Trout Fyn: Hooked on Funen, Scan Magazine

Thanks to decades of dedicated work to improve conditions and stocks, Funen has become one of the world’s best destinations for sea trout fishing.

On top of these advantages, Denmark also offers longer and warmer days than its more northerly neighbours. This in turn means a longer season, with the first enthusiasts showing up in late February and the last in early November. During this time, an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 anglers visit the island. But despite the island’s popularity, it is not hard to find a spot of your own. “There are so many areas of natural beauty, and whether you come on your own or in a group, it is not hard to find a spot of your own,” explains Hemrich, and rounds off: “The best spots also give you a variety of settings to choose between – white sandy beaches, rock beaches, still water, strong currents and so on. In some places you will be in the midst of a large, flat landscape, and in other locations, large oaks and beech will create the backdrop, and when you get that big catch on the hook, you will take that picture with you home – the fish, the stillness and the beautiful scenery.”

To make sure visitors make the most of their stay, Seat Trout Fyn has published the guidebook 117 Fine Fishing Spots, which can be bought in local fishing tackle shops on Funen. More information and a summary of the book can be found on the website.

Web: www.seatrout.dk

Sea Trout Fyn: Hooked on Funen, Scan Magazine

Martin Porsborg Hemrich.

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