With a 40-year history making classic slippers, Shepherd of Sweden is continuing its journey with a focus on offering genuine, handcrafted products for all seasons, made with nature’s most versatile materials: sheepskin and wool.

Shepherd of Sweden is best known for its classic, comfy slippers made of 100 per cent sheepskin – perfect for everyday use and snuggling up on the sofa. In the past, its products have been more associated with autumn and winter, however there has been a boom in its summer collection of stylish sandals and shoes, the outdoor range, and accessories including a shopper and a trendy clutch. The brand is also sought-after for its extended home collection with rugs, cushions, pillows and blankets. If you need a present for a graduation, a birthday, or perhaps a treat for yourself, a gift from SHEPHERD’s range is guaranteed to bring joy.

Founded in 1982, the brand continues to expand in existing and new markets in Europe and beyond. Its online store ships worldwide and Germany, the UK, the US and Scandinavia have dedicated local brand sites. “We believe that an omni-channel mix is important for the growth and for consumers to get to know the brand,” says CEO Stefan Mårdh. “Therefore, our brand store carries a complete assortment all year round, and products can be found in department stores and independent retail stores, as well as selected online retailers.”

Shepherd of Sweden: a beloved year-round lifestyle brand

Nature’s versatile materials

The brand is something of a cult name on the market, with customers asking specifically for SHEPHERD products. The key to its success, says Mårdh, is continuity. The products are made of carefully selected materials to get the right quality and finish. “As we are creating products mostly for people in their home environment, it’s important to produce high-quality, sustainable products that will last. That’s why we use only natural materials.”

The company works with real sheepskin and wool due to their exceptional quality and comfort – superior to all other materials on the market, and a perfect match for bare feet. Wool fibres are naturally breathable and can absorb moisture, without feeling wet. Instead, the moisture passes through, carrying away bad odours.

But there is more to these natural materials; wool is hypoallergenic and sheepskin is naturally antibacterial. Also, wool adjusts to the temperature of your feet. “It keeps you warm when it’s cold, and it cools you down when it’s hot,” assures Mårdh. “And as wool fibres are naturally breathable, and have antibacterial properties, many of our products are perfect all year round, indoors or outdoors, whilst keeping you comfortable and stylish.” No wonder, therefore, that they are known as nature’s most versatile materials.

Shepherd of Sweden: a beloved year-round lifestyle brand

Own value chain and production

Shepherd of Sweden’s head office and warehouse are in Svenljunga, while it has its own manufacturer and partners in Europe. The company controls the production, including continuous testing by independent institutions, and follows a code of animal treatment at all stages of the process. “It’s important to know that we own the value chain,” says the CEO. “We buy raw materials directly from our suppliers, our skilled craftsmen refine and prepare the materials, and then they create the products, mostly by hand. This ensures our continuous sustainable, profitable growth.”

The design is inspired by Scandinavian nature and history – and simplicity and function are key. “Our vision is to be the world’s most attractive brand for high-quality Scandinavian-design products in natural sheepskin and wool,” concludes Mårdh. The combination of craftsmanship and pure Scandinavian design makes for beautiful, timeless, and genuine products, which more and more people seem to appreciate these days.

Shepherd of Sweden: a beloved year-round lifestyle brand

Web: www.shepherdofsweden.com
Instagram: @shepherdofsweden
Facebook: shepherdofsweden

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