“I just love to see the joy on children’s faces when they enter my little boutique!” Tina Bernholdt Rygh-Amundsen doesn’t have to think twice in explaining why, of all stores, she chose to open a children’s boutique.

Sirkus Rebell is a must-visit in the small Norwegian town of Gjøvik. Rygh-Amundsen has poured her passion into the venture, establishing in just three years not only a boutique and web-shop, but a little institution – a place for parents to stop by for a friendly chat, to change a diaper or feed the little ones.

SIRKUS REBELL: Much more than a children’s boutique

Something for all princesses.

She also collaborates with nearby businesses and individuals, from yoga studios and cafés to artists. Moreover, the playroom in the boutique is very popular with children. “Everyone heads straight for it when they come,” Rygh-Amundsen laughs. Her outgoing personality has created a special relationship with customers, young and old alike. “I’ve followed some of the children in this town from before they were born,” she says. She recalls that one expecting mother came to her boutique just after her very first ultrasound, and smiles at the memory of a magic moment shared with a young mother.

SIRKUS REBELL: Much more than a children’s boutique

Most toys at Sirkus Rebell are wooden.

Quality clothes and toys

Sirkus Rebell has a beautiful selection of clothes, toys and equipment for children aged 0-16. “I try to acquire clothes and toys that you don’t find everywhere. As far as possible, I focus on organic materials and items that are designed in Scandinavia and in Europe,” Rygh-Amundsen says, pointing to a Ukrainian-engineered 3D puzzle called Ugears, that she is one of the few retailers in Norway to sell.

Regardless of the product, quality is a priority at Sirkus Rebell. Rygh-Amundsen selects clothing made with long-lasting craftsmanship, so that it can be passed on to younger siblings when it gets too small. Elsewhere, she stocks unique designer labels, as with her large selection of Dolly by Le Petit Tom´s dresses. “I focus on wooden toys and try to steer clear of plastic as far as possible,” she says.

Those planning to travel to Gjøvik are warmly invited to visit Sirkus Rebell: “I’ll be happy to see you,” says Rygh-Amundsen with a smile. In addition to the physical shop, she also has a web-shop, so even those unable to reach the beautiful Norwegian town can get a little piece of Sirkus Rebell in their mailbox.

SIRKUS REBELL: Much more than a children’s boutique

A popular playroom. Photo: Henning Iversen

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