With more and more travellers seeking to get away from the unsustainable patterns of mass tourism, Sweden has, with its large stretches of coastlines, vast natural reserves, and stunningly clear lakes, increased its appeal to many. Combined with the country’s well-functioning infrastructure, many charming towns and numerous eco-lodges and hotels, indeed the country has become the place to go for a sustainable and conscious holiday in healing natural surroundings.

Traditionally, most travellers have chosen to visit Sweden for skiing in the winter or summer by the lakes/sea, but with the increased focus on the country’s many attributes, more and more destinations are increasing their offers to create attractive all-year destinations. Together with the country’s stunning landscape, a growing number of cultural hubs as well as vast bicycle and hiking networks and a booming culinary scene are making it a favourite destination not just for travellers looking for outdoor adventures, but also for couples on romantic getaways and families with children.


In this special theme, we’ve gathered ten of Sweden’s most captivating offbeat holiday spots that offer an enchanting combination of local charm, art, architecture, history, unforgettable dining experiences, and stunning natural experiences.


We’ll introduce you to five stunning destinations located by the banks of Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern, Sweden’s two largest lakes, in the South of Sweden – an area dotted with charming towns set in stunning natural surroundings and, of course, with water everywhere you look. Sweeping over to the southeast, the world heritage site Karlskrona offers visitors the experience of an enchanting historic naval city full of beautiful sights while the surrounding country of Blekinge presents an enchanting combination of seaside charm and a stunning natural reserve, one of Northern Europe’s largest.

Meanwhile, on the west coast, the food and wine mecca of Båstad combines a lush landscape and local wineries, making for enchanting bicycle tours while Helsingborg, a city that combines culture, history, and culinary treats, also offers the possibility of a day trip to neighbouring Denmark. Finally, travelling a bit further north, you will find Höga Kusten where visitors can explore the stunning landscape of the world’s highest coastline, the High Coast, featuring an idyllic archipelago, perfect for outdoor adventures.

Indeed, as times are changing and nature and sustainable tourism are becoming the most sought-after attractions, there is not better place to look to for your next holiday than Sweden.

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