Light in the dark


Summer has pretty much left Norway now. With September upon us, the temperature drops, the green fades and the midnight sun is nothing but a faint recollection. As autumn unfolds, the north of Norway prepares for something else altogether; the impending arrival of winter. But high above the changing landscape, a spectacle is about to unfold. The Northern Lights, the Aurora − dancing across the pitch-black sky.

For the small Risvik family on Kvaløya (meaning whale island, as whales may visit the surrounding fjords between October and January), the Aurora has become much more than just something pretty to look at, it is now their way of life. Their unique approach to the Aurora and the surrounding wildlife was captured in the 2018 documentary Jakten på Nordlyset (The Northern Lights Chase), broadcast on the Discovery owned Norwegian channel, TV Norge, this year. “We want to share the uniqueness of this place with others − let them have an experience they can not find anywhere else,” says manager Trine Risvik. She has run the business together with her family since 2004, making her one of the first in the region to not only be a tour guide, but to truly open her home to visitors from all over the world.

“We believe in offering an intimate experience for our guests. Whether it is on a RIB boat to try and catch a glance of a whale or study the sea wildlife, or on a Northern Lights safari looking for that Aurora magic, we always travel in small groups,” explains Risvik. The family use their family farm as a base and know that with venturing into nature also comes great responsibility. “We were the first in Norway to have boats carrying the blue flag − sustainability is one of our core values,” explains Risvik, on their proud use of the world-renowned eco-label.

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