T romsø Safari has brought nearly 60,000 people to see the northern lights. That’s a lot of Christmas cards, engagement trips, honeymoons and anniversaries. With a philosophy of anchoring in the community and sourcing locally, the company is spearheading sustainable tourism in the north of Norway.

The Tromsø Safari team has the aurora at the core of their business. General manager Cecilie Nøstvik wants her guests to have an experience, not just when they’re stood under the polar lights, but during their entire stay. “We want our guests to explore everything that this part of Norway has to offer, and to have a really great time while they’re at it, whether that is scouting for the northern lights, fjord sightseeing, getting to know the locals or dog sledding.”

Tromsø Safari: Exploring Scandinavian landscape and wildlife

An array of choice

It is not only venturing out to experience the Scandinavian night sky that occupies the Tromsø Safari team; in fact, there’s a whole array of activities that makes this team special. With an aim to champion diversity and cultural heritage, they’ve promoted and developed Sami culture and reindeer activities in co-operation with local Sami people – the indigenous people of the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Operation manager Per Kristian Bergmo talks about the importance of the Sami heritage and the need to share this rich culture with new people. “It is a great opportunity to learn more about such a different way of life in this modern age. We invite our guests to take part in tending to reindeer – the core of the Sami culture and community – which I think many find incredibly insightful and obviously a lot of fun!”

Tromsø Safari: Exploring Scandinavian landscape and wildlife

Community at the core

While embodying the very definition of variation, Tromsø Safari also prides itself on teaming up with the community. “We want to always think locally. How can we, in what one could argue is a highly unsustainable industry, work as sustainably as possible?”

Nøstvik and her team has brought the philosophy into their everyday working life, and it has brought on some fruitful partnerships. “It is easy, especially when it comes to looking for the northern lights, to forget that the journey is in fact the destination,” Bergmo continues. By teaming up with local land owners, guests are invited onto their private land and find themselves being served hot chocolate in lavvos, in fields, forests and meadows on the outskirts of Tromsø. Honest and genuine tourism has found its flagship.

Web: tromsosafari.no

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