Finland may be the pioneering education nation most people look to for clues as to how to keep school children happy and successful, but in fact, all of the Nordic countries keep scoring consistently well in different ratings over solid, well-performing education systems. With free, compulsory primary and secondary school education, Sweden is one of the countries leading the way in this field.

Swedish school_1_Photo Maskot, imagebank.sweden.se1620

Photo: Maskot,

Did you know, for example, that the proportion of adults in Sweden holding a post-graduate qualification is among the highest in the OECD region? Moreover, the teacher-pupil ratio in Swedish schools is among the highest, and the country’s annual expenditure per student is among the highest as a percentage of GDP compared to other OECD nations. It is clear that Sweden is doing something right.

Swedish school_2_Photo Lena Granefelt1620

Photo: Lena Granefelt.

For this mini special, Scan Magazine spoke to some of the passionate people behind Swedish boarding schools and schools abroad – those who bring the Swedish curriculum to expat communities everywhere from Moscow to Maputo. In addition to a range of renowned, hugely popular boarding schools in Sweden, there are 18 schools in 11 other countries following the Swedish curriculum. With quality education and true community spirit at the heart of their schools, they help make Swedish schooling a possibility for those who go away for a year – and for those who end up staying…

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