Your furry friend needs the best gear for your daily urban and off-road adventures. Insert DOG Copenhagen. The Danish brand designs high-quality dog gear with a focus on comfort, functionality, and style. Perfect for an active life with your four-legged friend.

Picture this: Your shoes are gnawing into your heels when you run, resulting in painful blisters, and your jacket is too tight around the shoulders. Pretty awful, right? You want to wear comfortable shoes and clothes suitable for the activity you are doing – and so does your dog.

DOG Copenhagen: Paws in the air for stylish, comfortable, and functional dog gear

“We all want what is best for our pets,” says Jan Bertelsen, CEO and founder of DOG Copenhagen. “That’s why our products are designed with comfort in mind. Whether a collar or harness, it must be ergonomically correct for your dog. For instance, most of our collars and harnesses have a soft padding to ensure comfort for your dog. Naturally, there are a million opinions about how a harness should fit the dog, and every dog’s body is different. Our harnesses are carefully designed with the exact shape and dimensions we believe are optimal for obtaining the best fit on most dogs.”

But how do you choose the right gear for your dog? Well, it’s not that different from humans, try it on. Visit a store – one that sells DOG Copenhagen – and try different products until you find the right fit for your furry friend.

DOG Copenhagen: Paws in the air for stylish, comfortable, and functional dog gear

A world of dog gear

In 2015, Bertelsen needed gear for his first dog, Bentley. As he was searching for the right products, he realised that there were no right products. He simply could not find gear that was both comfortable, functional, and stylish.

“Back then, the focus was mostly on functionality, and everything was black. I did some market research and quickly realised there was a gap in the market, so I founded DOG Copenhagen and designed my own dog gear,” explains Bertelsen.

What began as one person’s need for a proper harness has now grown into a thriving brand with a wide range of dog gear – all with an emphasis on comfort. Whether you are looking for a collar, harness, or leash for your pet, you will find it here – and your dog will love you for it. But not only does DOG Copenhagen focus on comfort; it also infuses functionality and aesthetics into the designs. The brand offers eight colours, ranging from a basic black to a vibrant red colour, and if you’re feeling a bit bold and colourful, why not mix and match colours?

DOG Copenhagen has also recently launched a bag collection and interior products. It offers a functional belt bag, a treat bag, and a leash bag – perfect for your everyday dog life. The interior products include the stylish Skagen Food Bowl, the Vega Bowl, and a handy placemat for the bowls.

“The heart of our brand will always be the dog, but we are expanding our collection to include the circle around the dog, such as food and water bowls. It’s also not unimaginable that dog beds – and even human gear – will be a part of our collection in the future,” smiles Bertelsen.

DOG Copenhagen: Paws in the air for stylish, comfortable, and functional dog gear

Dog gear made to last

By now you probably won’t be surprised to learn that DOG Copenhagen also cares deeply about sustainability. That is why its products are made from high-quality, durable materials designed to last.

“Dog gear has a pretty tough life, so it has to be able to withstand a lot,” adds Bertelsen. “Our goal is to design products of the highest quality in a medium price range. We want our dog gear to last a long time, with the least possible impact on the climate. All our main materials are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, meaning they do not contain any harmful substances, toxins, or chemicals, and we are working hard to get every single material certified.”

When your dog gear inevitably gets muddy and dirty, just throw it in a washing bag or an old pillowcase and wash it at 30 degrees. Voilá, your gear is as good as new and ready for more fun adventures.

DOG Copenhagen: Paws in the air for stylish, comfortable, and functional dog gear

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