Forsberg’s School first opened its doors in Stockholm in 1991, with graphic design and advertising at its core. Nearly 30 years later, the school still celebrates diversity, flexibility and learning by doing, all in a family atmosphere.

The college has 117 full-time students and four departments, covering graphic design and advertising, copywriting, game art and game design, as well as several evening classes and correspondence courses. “When the school started, it quickly gained a reputation for its guerrilla approach,” says William Easton, acting head of the school.

Forsberg's School: One big, creative family, Scan Magazine

Easton himself has vast experience as an artist and teacher, and with several years in the industry he is very familiar with the importance of adaptiveness and flexibility. “We are different from many other schools, partly due to our size, but mostly because of our mindset. We strive not to be very institutional,” he continues. “News cycles nowadays consist of seconds, not hours. It can be anything from a tweet to a natural disaster that changes everything and affects the project you’re working on. This is the type of environment we train our students in, and the mindset we work with across the school.”

The school has three permanent teachers, all active in the industry, and between 50 and 100 guest teachers each year. They are all top-level professionals, bringing real perspectives and examples to their lectures.

Forsberg's School: One big, creative family, Scan Magazine

Long live diversity

Forsberg’s School, founded by Pia Forsberg and Pelle Lindberg, focuses on retaining its home-away-from-home touch and its experiential and professional essence. The charming four-storey school building invites its students to be part of a family, with all that it entails. “We have open and clear communication. Everything happens fast – if you are looking for a package deal where you know exactly what you get, this is not it,” Easton explains.

The students are encouraged to work across departments and collaborate, just like in real life. The school strives towards diversity and the students come from very different backgrounds. “The greater diversity, the greater possibilities for us, since we have more to work with. Our job is to teach how to retain and use information, and how to put it to practice in a collaborative process,” Easton continues. “We want to be a school open for students regardless of age and background. People should see a Forsberg student and know that this person will be slightly different, slightly outside the ordinary, and able to deliver on a professional level.”

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