Odense Skolefoto (Odense School Photo) involves the pupils when shooting school photos, making the experience – and the photos – all the more fun. Does your kid have a favourite quote? Incorporate it into one of the photos. Or does your child want to wear a cool cap, or perhaps make a funny face? No problem.

We have all been there: standing in line to get your school photo taken, and when it’s finally your turn, you are instructed to sit up tall and smile. Snap – and back to math class you go. A few weeks later, the picture hangs on the wall along with those from the previous years.

This is all well and good – for the parents. However, it is not the most exhilarating experience for most kids. That’s why Odense Skolefoto decided to rethink school photos. “We are involving the pupils in the process. Of course, we still take the parents into consideration, but we are also making it a fun experience for the pupils. They are an active part of the process, and they have more freedom and opportunities than they would have had, traditionally,” explains Jesper Klausen, CEO at Odense Skolefoto.

Odense Skolefoto: Turning school photos upside down, Scan Magazine

Express yourself

Odense Skolefoto offers a package where you get three portraits, two half-length portraits, and one so-called freestyle half-length portrait. “For the freestyle photo, the pupil decides what happens. We are living in the age of selfies and social media, and kids want to express their personality in a photo. That is exactly what they get to do here,” says Klausen. “If they want to wear a cap or make a crazy face, they are free do that, and then they can share the photo on social media.”

But the fun does not stop here. The photos are shot with greenscreen technology, so when it’s time to buy the photos in the web shop, you can choose between 70 backgrounds. Why not choose a different background for each photo? And that’s not the only thing you can do.
You can also add a quote on the photos. Either choose a quote from a drop-down list or write your own – so if your child has a favourite quote, why not add that?

As the cherry on top, Odense Skolefoto is also an environmentally friendly company. All their pamphlets are printed on carbon neutral paper, and they use sustainable technology in their production.

Web: www.odenseskolefoto.dk

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