Competence and dedication in Maputo


The Scandinavian school in Maputo, Mozambique, is small with around 40 to 50 students of pre-school and compulsory school age. Here, a safe environment for students, high quality of education, and commitment from the teachers are important values.

“Our greatest strength as a school is the teachers’ competence and dedication,” says Lovisa Larsson, chairman of the board at the school. “They have high expectations on the pupils but also adapt the classes to their individual needs. Every student should receive an education suitable to their level.”

The school follows the Swedish curriculum but is also suitable for Danish and Norwegian students, including native language lessons. In fact, there is a strong emphasis at the school on learning languages. With smaller classes, the teachers can also dedicate more time to each pupil, and the children tend to become more active in class.

In addition to the high level of teaching, the environment is fantastic. According to Larsson, “Maputo is a great place for families, small compared to some other cities in Africa and with a safe school. Many students live here permanently, but we also have some who come temporarily and even for just a few weeks. It’s important that both groups have a good knowledge of the country and feel at home.”

In order to facilitate the understanding of life in Mozambique, classes make regular study trips and visits to local museums, churches and workplaces. Students learn about the local food tradition, and once a week, local food is served. Twice per year, they have the opportunity to attend a school camp in the region. “It’s great to be able to offer classes in a different setting, and these excursions, where the students learn about African flora and fauna, are fantastic for the team spirit.”

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