With extensive skate, scooter and BMX facilities, Tjele Efterskole is the place to be for wheel-obsessed eighth, ninth and tenth-graders. But the school also has many other exciting offers, including the chance to train in table tennis with the assistant coach of Greenland’s national team.

Founded in 1985, Tjele Efterskole’s main aim is to enable students to “be outstanding”. It does so through an action-packed schedule and focus on health and exercise. “All our students, even those on non-sports programmes, learn about diet and exercise during their time with us,” says principal Kim Hansen.

Though most famous for its skate-, BMX- and scooter facilities, Tjele Efterskole also offers a number of creative subjects, as well as table tennis headed by Michael Jørgensen, who also coaches Greenland’s national team. Another popular subject is e-sport, in which pupils can improve their skills in a range of different games. For youngsters looking to pursue a vocational education, the school offers a unique craftsman class combining academic subjects with vocational skills and apprenticeships. The big range of subjects creates a great variation in ambitions and backgrounds among the school’s 100 pupils. “It’s a very diverse group, and one thing we prioritise is that they learn from each other and their differences. Tolerance is a keyword at Tjele Efterskole,” stresses Hansen.

Tjele Efterskole: Get a flying start in life

Pupils at Tjele Efterskole can enjoy the school’s outstanding facilities and expertise within subjects such as BMX, skate, e-sport and table tennis.

Main subjects offered at Tjele Efterskole:

Art and design; artisan; animation; scooter; BMX race; author; tabletennis; skateboarding; girl skills; BMX freestyle; e-sport.

The school is located in Tjele, about25 minutes from Randers.

Web: www.tjeleefterskole.dk
Facebook: Ta’ Te’ Tjele

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