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Scan Magazine, Issue 104, September 2017 is out now!

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Sofie Hagen: ‘Hashtag Blessed’

Sofie Hagen is smart, hilarious, and not afraid to take up space. Scan Magazine spoke to the latest stand-up star to come out of Denmark about fat acceptance, lessons in social justice, and a dead baby frog.

“Sometimes I don’t tell Danes when it’s going well,” says Sofie Hagen, who has just completed her third annual run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. “Here, I can go up and say to someone that I’m really happy because I got this TV show, but in Denmark I have to say that maybe I got this TV show but it’s just a small one. I have to talk it down a lot.” She is trying to explain the meaning of the Law of Jante, a description of Scandinavian group behaviour...

"Let us work together. Great days lie ahead if we continue to transcend borders to benefit commerce and cooperation"
Stefan Löfven - Prime Minister of Sweden
Issue 73 - Scan Magazine


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