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Kerteminde: Denmark’s beautiful garden by the sea

by Josefine Older Steffensen

Based on the north-eastern peninsula of Funen, Kerteminde is a quintessential Danish town boasting colourful buildings, astounding natural surroundings and gastronomic delicacies. Its central location in Denmark makes it easy to get to from all sides. With its rich culture and fascinating history, there is plenty to explore in Kerteminde.

Kerteminde was first mentioned in writing as a town in 1350, but there has been a settlement there since the Viking Age. In fact, Denmark’s only Viking ship burial, the Ladby Ship, can be found just outside of Kerteminde, where it is also possible to gain an engaging overview of the Viking era in Funen at the Viking Museum at Ladby.

Visit Kerteminde, Denmark's beautiful garden by the sea, Scan Magazine

The town is defined by its water. The harbour has always been the focal point of the town and for many centuries also the main source of income. In 1413, Kerteminde was given the rights to be a market town, attracting a large number of merchants who brought goods there via the sea. During the Renaissance, the town functioned as the main port for Odense, Denmark’s third-largest city, ensuring the city’s inhabitants had food and materials.

When the railway arrived in the early 1900s, the railway bridge across the harbour meant that bigger ships could no longer pass through, so much of the original trade had to be redirected. The trade that the water brought in meant that the merchants of Kerteminde were well off, which can still be seen in some of the beautiful old buildings spread throughout the town.

Visit Kerteminde, Denmark's beautiful garden by the sea, Scan Magazine

A modern town

Walking through Kerteminde, it is possible to see its history as many of the original buildings, warehouses and farms from the Renaissance and onward are still standing. Tornøes Hotel, one of the most prominent buildings in Kerteminde, used to be the home of a merchant from Odense, but is today a beautiful hotel and restaurant on the harbour. The locals have cared for their history, but also made sure that the old buildings are modern and able to be used today.

Kerteminde has plenty of small streets to explore and walk down, lovely cafés to enjoy a cup of coffee in, and charming restaurants and pubs throughout the town. In the past 200 years, the town has attracted numerous artists and painters, who in particular focused on the harbour, the sea and the surrounding natural environment. Many of the paintings can be seen at the Johannes Larsen museum.

Visit Kerteminde, Denmark's beautiful garden by the sea, Scan Magazine

Surrounded by beauty and delicacies

Kerteminde town is great fun to explore, but it is definitely also worth taking a trip around the local area. Fyns hoved is the northern part of the Hindsholm peninsula that Kerteminde is on, and it is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Denmark. As it is surrounded by the sea and boasts a wide range of wildlife, the area offers mesmerising walks. All along the coasts, there are wonderful sandy beaches, and swimming (all year, if you can defy the cold) is encouraged.


Photo © Great Northern Golf Course

For those looking to play 18 holes, the Great Nothern Golf Course is a Nicklaus course and perfect for both beginners and experienced golfers. Kerteminde also has nine official fishing spots, and the sea provides both varied and challenging fishing experiences all year round. If you would rather eat food than catch it, then the many restaurants, cafés and local farm shops make an excellent way to explore what the region has to offer. From fresh fish and the traditional ‘brunsviger’ cake to locally brewed beer and delicious fresh beef from Syberg Kvæg, there is plenty to sink your teeth into.

Situated in the heart of Denmark, Kerteminde is a wonderful, cosy and historical town set in some of Denmark’s most astounding natural beauty. Whether your main focus is on food, nature, history, relaxation or something different, Kerteminde has plenty to offer its visitors.

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Visit Kerteminde, Denmark's beautiful garden by the sea, Scan Magazine

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Getting Around

By Train

The closest train station to Kerteminde is Odense station. From here, it is possible to get a bus to the centre of Kerteminde. The bus journey takes approximately 45 minutes. is the best place to find information about public transport in Denmark.

By Road

Kerteminde is easy to reach by road. Most routes will make use of the E20 motorway and then road 165, which goes directly to the centre of Kerteminde. Kerteminde is approximately two hours by car from Copenhagen, Aarhus and Flensburg.

By Boat

If you have access to a private boat, it is possible to sail directly to Kerteminde marina. It is one of Denmark’s biggest marinas and has an entire pier dedicated to guests. There are good facilities and all the equipment needed for a good boating holiday.

By Air

The closest airports with the most international flights near Kerteminde are Copenhagen airport and Billund airport. The journey from Billund takes 2h 45m and the journey from Copenhagen takes 2h 25m with public transport.

By Local Transport

There are many buses to and from Kerteminde that cover the local landscape. is the best place to get an overview of all the buses going through Kerteminde. The site is available in English, German and Danish.

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